Lost Java

Somehow, I broke my Fedora installation this weekend. After having a great time getting started on my Gravatar project¬†this past Saturday, I settled in for some Labor Day programming yesterday. However, as soon as I tried to open Eclipse, I was given an error message telling me that the command ‘java’ was not in the… Continue reading Lost Java

Distro hop

I recently decided to try another Linux distribution. This time I went with the Fedora Xfce spin¬†in 64-bit flavor. My favorite distribution yet! Miles ahead of the KDE environment and better looking and more intuitive than Mint LXDE. Plus its available in 64-bit. Which does absolutely nothing for me, but still. Too bad I wasn’t… Continue reading Distro hop

Fedora KDE out, Mint LXDE in

Everything looks cool so far on my comic site so far. No issues with ComicPress plugin I’m using there. It just looks terrible, as I’m using the out-of-the-box theme. I hope at some point I’ll be able to start looking at learning to theme WordPress sites. But enough about that! This past weekend I finally… Continue reading Fedora KDE out, Mint LXDE in