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So after I stopped the FTP upload from my inappropriate account , I needed to delete the 726 megs of “illegal” uploads.
I remembered the ‘rmdir’ command, but that only works on empty directories. I remember this fact as soon as I was given the ‘rmdir: failed to remove `Pictures/’: Directory not empty” response on the command line.
I once again turned to my buddy Duckduckgo and found the answer.
I needed use the remove command with the recursive parameter ‘-r’.
About two seconds after I entered the ‘rm -r Pictures/’ command, the folder and all of its contents were gone. All four hours of uploading gone in the blink of an eye.
It is two weeks later and I am at about 10.7 GB uploated of my 25Gb total. The 512kbps upload of my AT&T DSL is really not doing it for me right now. Still not enough motivation to switch to Charter though. Maybe in 5 more months when they try to jack up my rates again.

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