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Toxic plants

I think that most people know that poinsettias are poisonous to animals. But just recently, I learned that lilies are highly toxic to cats as well. Our newest guy, Ezio decided to make a snack out of the flower bouquet I brought home for Sarah this past Friday. Among the flowers in the bouquet were… Continue Reading →

A healthy start

The Duchess of Nom

I have theĀ privilegeĀ of beginning my new blog with a happy post. My fiance and I spent this past summer doing a TNR program with our neighborhood feral cat colony. It has been a bit of an emotionally challenging, but ultimately rewarding, experience. It started with a pair of adult cats that were breeding on our… Continue Reading →

A Dozen Cats Set To Be Adopted Killed By Shelter Computer Glitch

As a vegan and a programmer, this article I recently read, horrifies me on a few levels. In my line of work, its so easy to just think about the bugs in my code as harmless, annoyances for customers, or, at worst, maybe some giant company loses some money. Never really thought about how anything… Continue Reading →

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