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Tag Archives: CakePHP

Still climbing the very steep learning curve of being a web application developer and admin.

I have dropped CodeIgniter, in favor of CakePHP. A friend of mine recommended this PHP framework, so I’m going forward with it.

I have completed the first tutorial and have a page that will spit out the user data for my app. That’s it. Still a long way to go. But, with the help of this page, I did manage to centralize my CakePHP core. So now I can just point my apps to this one spot for the base Cake code. This will make upgrading the framework easier. I’m sure I will be testing this feature out shortly as the release of CakePHP 2.2 is imminent.

I have also started using bitbucket as my Git repository of choice. Unlimited private repositories that are free?! Yes, please! No more of the public hosting that Github offers. Not that my hosting of my website would be on anyone’s radar, malicious user or otherwise. But it just makes me feel better until I know what I’m doing.

And speaking of malicious users, it seems my blogs have an audience now. I’ve gotten several moderation requests across this blog and comic for spam comment posts. Still no actual comments yet.

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