Squashing commits in git

My first open source contribution was just accepted! (Technically, it’s my 2nd contribution, but 1st accepted one!) It was a very minor change, just an update to the user’s profile page on GitLab. Nevertheless, it’s a great feeling, knowing that I can directly improve a great product that I actually use. And I gained a bit… Continue reading Squashing commits in git

Should I go with Ruby/Rails or Groovy/Grails?

I spoke with a recruiter recently, in an attempt to get a feel for the marketability of Ruby skills in my area. He hadn’t heard of any Ruby jobs that were available, but he did have one that called for Groovy on Grails. I have heard of this technology in the past, but didn’t know… Continue reading Should I go with Ruby/Rails or Groovy/Grails?

Path of the Rubyist

Betwixt chores and binges of Borderlands 2, I have been attempting to learn the Ruby programming language. First inspired by Arlo and Eric over at the dev1.tv podcast, and getting my first lessons on the language from codecademy, I’ve been really excited about this language. Primarily because its available for free on my Dreamhost hosting, but… Continue reading Path of the Rubyist

Simple minute addition in Google spreadsheet

I am working on building an after-work schedule, but didn’t want to do everything manually on paper. A quick Google spreadsheet would be perfect for this. It will keep all my data organized and automatically compute time changes so I can experiment to find the most efficient and practical schedule for myself. However, after creating… Continue reading Simple minute addition in Google spreadsheet