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My laptop has been crawling lately, and not just because Box is running the background. Some damn “Windows Search Indexer” service is chewing up half my CPU cycles.

Windows Search Indexer

Microsoft Windows Search Indexer out of control

My laptop is crippled enough, here’s how I fixed this errant ‘Windows Search Indexer’ service in Windows 8.

First, bring up the right sidebar, and click on the Search button.

Windows 8 Search

Windows 8 Search

We are looking to stop a service, so start typing the word ‘service’.

Search for 'Services'

Once the ‘Services’ button appears, click it to open.


Next, find the “Windows Search” service.

Find the Windows Indexer Search Service

Open this Service and disable it.

Windows Indexer Disabled

After a brief period, the service should be shutdown.

I haven’t had any issues with search or performance since I performed this trick. If there is a downside, I haven’t come across it yet.

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