Friday Fix: Liferay’s SASS parser on CentOS 6

In working with a Liferay theme recently, I came across a curious bug involving jRuby and CentOS 6. It manifested itself in a rather confusing SASS parser error (the details of which I don’t have anymore). To add to this confusion, I had just switched from using the traditional Ant-based Liferay plugins build to using… Continue reading Friday Fix: Liferay’s SASS parser on CentOS 6

Restrict all Liferay traffic to be encrypted

Our CTO came to me recently with the results of a PCI audit. One area of non-compliance that the audit discovered was the need to have users log in only through a SSL encrypted gateway. I set about finding a way to accomplish this with Liferay. Thankfully, it was a pretty easy change and didn’t… Continue reading Restrict all Liferay traffic to be encrypted

How to find AlloyUI version

I am currently working on some front-end items for our Liferay portal. I have chosen to give Liferay’s AlloyUI javascript framework, which is built on top of Yahoo’s YUI framework, a shot. For some unnecessary reason, I wanted to find out what version of Alloy I was using. I say unnecessary because the Alloy framework hasn’t been updated since… Continue reading How to find AlloyUI version

Odd JSTL error & solution

So I’m coding a Liferay portlet that will display one of two forms on it, depending on the type of customer that is viewing the page. In order to implement this, I decided to that the JSTL ‘choose’ tag would be perfect for what I need. <c:choose> <c:when test='<%= displayForm.equals(“Form1”) %>’> …code for form 1…… Continue reading Odd JSTL error & solution

Default Liferay Vaadin project broken

So I mentioned yesterday that I am attempting to make my first Vaadin app using Eclipse and the Liferay IDE plugin. This post is a word of warning to those trying to do the same thing. The default Liferay Vaadin project is broken; it will not deploy. To get started, I simply used the Eclipse,… Continue reading Default Liferay Vaadin project broken

Ant + Eclipse + Liferay Plugins = ECJ error

I am working on a way to programmatically create Liferay users for our upcoming portal release. In order to get my feet wet with the technologies that our team will be using, I want to build a quick and dirty test app that will create a user in Liferay and LDAP. But before I could… Continue reading Ant + Eclipse + Liferay Plugins = ECJ error

LDAP cn trouble with Liferay

I have been struggling with getting Liferay to play nicely with our OpenLDAP server for the past two days. I finally was able to figure out my mistake this afternoon. Liferay expects ‘user’ entries (objectClass = inetOrgPerson, in my case) to be in the following format: objectClass = inetOrgPerson objectClass = organizationalPerson objectClass = person… Continue reading LDAP cn trouble with Liferay

Switching gears

I started a new job this week. It is with a startup company here in Greenville, SC called Green Cloud Technologies. I am super-excited to be here and away from that crap company Windstream! I’ve had a few changes in my career growth as a result of this job change. First, they didn’t have any… Continue reading Switching gears