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Well I’ve blown away my instance of comicCMS.

Why, you may ask?

Last night I attended my first meetup, and got some exposure to WordPress outside of my current ideas about what WordPress should be used for. I learned that there are tons of plugins for WordPress, and a quick search turned up some webcomic plugins that’ll do the same thing comicCMS was doing. And since its in WordPress, it’ll be furthering my goal of becoming a front-end developer. (Good lord though, I really gotta start learning PHP.)

Hoping to get a decent webcomic plugin installed and then start uploading the “Rescue Mission” comic again.

Finally uploaded something to the ComicCMS that I installed a little while ago. I am at work, so I am not going to spend a lot of time on it. But it does seem easy and intuitive to navigate and post and tag content. It even keeps an order, so my “Rescue Mission” can be displayed in order.

This is definitely more appealing than writing blog posts on Liferay or attempting to get Piwik to track my traffic correctly. I’ll probably be focusing on this for a while. Its easy and fun.

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