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Inside WordPress’s WYSIWYG editor, if you start a line of text, inside a code tag with a bad character, in my case, the ‘#’ character, the output gets screwed up. Here’s how to fix it.

If anyone looked at my previous post in the first week or two after I posted it, you may have noticed how ugly the post was when it came to the displaying my console’s output. This is because I put the console’s output inside a <code> tag in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. My intent was to differentiate my blog post text from the output of the console I was using as an example. However, after wrapping the console output in the tag, this is what it looked like:

Code Tag with Incorrect Output


I have successfully used the <code> tag in WordPress before to stylize blocks of text, so that’s what I was using here to represent the console output. I didn’t have any trouble in any previous posts, so I wasn’t sure what was different this time. After experimenting a bit, I found that the “#” character that begins each line was the culprit.

code tag with a bad character at the start of each line


The fix was simple, I added a space before each line.

Code tag with a bad character, but prepended with spaces


This small change gave the output the desired effect.

Code output with corrrect formatting


Managing my own blog has proved to be a bit too cumbersome for me. I’ve moved both and to a free blog.

This allows for a free SSL-encrypted connection, plus I figure my site’s backend will be more professionally maintained. I am giving up a lot of freedom in the choice of plugins and themes that I can use, but it is worth it to me. I wasn’t really using anything anyway.

Bonus: they made it super easy to add Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tracking. Hopefully this will give me a better picture of my visitors than Piwik, because, again, I tend to break shit when I manage my own apps.

Well I’ve blown away my instance of comicCMS.

Why, you may ask?

Last night I attended my first meetup, and got some exposure to WordPress outside of my current ideas about what WordPress should be used for. I learned that there are tons of plugins for WordPress, and a quick search turned up some webcomic plugins that’ll do the same thing comicCMS was doing. And since its in WordPress, it’ll be furthering my goal of becoming a front-end developer. (Good lord though, I really gotta start learning PHP.)

Hoping to get a decent webcomic plugin installed and then start uploading the “Rescue Mission” comic again.


This is my first attempt at a blog. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but it never felt like my ideas were fleshed out enough or I had enough time to sit down and come up with something decent. That is still true today. But, inspired by this Coding Horror post, and realizing that waiting for the perfect moment is not teaching me anything. So I’m starting up this blog, in all of its hideous, useless glory and just pressing onward with the experience.

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